Travel Tips – Know The Enemy!

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric showcased the horrors of holiday travel and advised us to get our tickets now! Don’t wait, the fares will only increase. More people are traveling this season and airlines have smaller planes and fewer flights scheduled. You’ve also heard the horror stories about lost luggage, and the strange requirements for carry-on baggage. It’s enough to make you want to cancel your plans and hide at home until next year. Unfortunately, for many of us this is not an option if we want to be with our families on the holidays. So here are some helpful travel tips to make the experience less grueling.1. Get to the airport early – Allow enough time to go through all the necessary airport procedures, including check-in, security and arriving at the boarding gate on-time. When you leave everything to the last minute, you become stressed and irritable, and increase the odds that your checked-in baggage will not make the flight.2. Leave a minimum of 60 minutes for connecting flights. Tempting as it may be, booking connecting flights with less than an hour between them is just asking for trouble. Yes, if you miss your connecting flight you can go on standby for the next flight, but if that flight is full, you are out of luck.
3. Avoid the coffee bar. Sure, the coffee stands in the airport look inviting, but think about the long flight ahead of you. When you can’t get any sleep, you will remember that gallon latte you downed in the terminal. If you don’t want a trip to hyperspace, order the decaf.4. Bring what you need with you – Airlines do not give you anything more than safe passage. Due to cost cutting, the airlines do not offer these amenities — magazines, blankets, special meals, diapers, pillows, an infant bassinette, bottled water or even headache tablets. Plan ahead and think about what you will need on the plane so you can bring it with you.5. Bring some entertainment. Chances are you will be delayed, bring an MP3 player and block out the airport noise, or check out a DVD and watch a movie while you fly. Come prepared.Lastly, make sure you get free savings bonds for your travels. You can book all your travel with BondRewards’ Discount Airline Ticket Partners: United Vacations, Priceline, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Travelocity and Delta Airlines.

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